founded in 1970

Pump Rebuild Process

Deepwell Vertical Barge Pump Rebuild

Our Pump Service is the disassembly, cleaning, machining, and reassembly of:

  • 10LS Deepwell Vertical Pumps
  • 11LS Deepwell Vertical Pumps
  • 12LS Deepwell Vertical Pumps
  • 13LS Deepwell Vertical Pumps


What to Expect?

  • Highest level of quality and dedicated employees
  • Best machining and assembly processes with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Full documentation on every pump rebuilt, delivered with every pump
  • You’ll know your pump was rebuilt right, the first time

Highlights of Our Pump Rebuild Process

  • Exterior of components needle-gunned or sandblasted to remove rust and old paint
  • Right angle drive disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt
  • Exterior of right angle drive and pump head primed and epoxy painted
  • All pump components measured and inspected to confirm parts are within tolerance
  • Mechanical seal and OBA bearing cleaned and rebuilt
  • Pump components machined to ensure all mating faces are flat, bores align, and are within tolerance
  • Pump shafts checked for straightness and corrected if out of tolerance
  • Pump reassembled using vertical assembly lift to achieve the best concentric alignment
  • All information documented on 6-page Customer Pump Form to be delivered with every pump rebuilt
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