founded in 1970


In 2005, in order to better serve our customers, ERL Marine acquired Law Valve of Texas in Houston. Since the acquisition, Law Valve has become the leader in all valve and pump repairs for the marine industry. Our president, Stephen Wilkins, continues to refine the overall vision of the company, thus creating opportunities for customers to receive the best products and the best service possible.

ERL currently has hundreds of products on over 10,000 compartments for nearly 300 different customers, providing safe and reliable products to most inland and blue water barges. ERL continues to develop new products that benefit not only each individual customer, but to the industry overall. ERL continues to set the bar high for innovation, safety, and reliability.

In 2014, Law Valve moved from a 6,000 sf facility to an 18,000 sf facility in Houston. This location is perfectly located within a couple miles of several barge companies, making it much more convenient for our customers to receive the products, components, and services required to help keep their equipment operating.

In 2019, Law Valve built the only pump test facility in the inland marine industry. The state-of-the-art facility provides a unique rebuild process where pumps are assembled vertically to ensure perfect alignment of bores and shafts. The test area allows for Law Valve and customers to identify precise flow rates and efficiency specifications and develop operation profiles for individual pumps. 

ERL and Law Valve strive daily to treat our customers with the integrity, loyalty, and conviction that the company was founded on in 1970 by Dr. Larry Wilkins. What sets ERL and Law Valve apart from other companies is the desire to not only provide each of our customers with the highest quality products available, but to partner with them to ensure that their equipment continues to operate properly, their employees are able to work safely, and that the importance of environmental safety continues to be on the forefront of the design of our products. Yes, a “true partnership” and not just a seller-buyer relationship.

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